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Laminitis Treatment: UC Davis Experimental Anti-Inflammatory Shows Promise in Test Case

Can an anti-inflammatory medication have curative power over a disease like laminitis? Researchers at the University of California at Davis are beginning clinical testing of a new medication that might be an outside-the-box hope for relieving horses suffering with the disease. Here's a report from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine:

Tips For Weight Loss in the Easy Keeper


As a horse owner, you play an important role in controlling your equine companion's weight. Sound nutrition management, a regular exercise program and veterinary care are key to keeping your horse fit and healthy. Maintaining the ideal weight is not always easy, however.

Emergency Preparedness and Your Horse

Be Prepared for an Equine Health Emergency



If you own horses long enough, sooner or later you are likely to confront a medical emergency.  From lacerations to colic to foaling difficulties, there are many emergencies that a horse owner may encounter.  You must know how to recognize serious problems and respond promptly, taking appropriate action while awaiting the arrival of your veterinarian.


Tips for Recognizing Laminitis

Every day veterinarians across the country see hundreds of cases of laminitis, a painful disease that affects the feet of horses.

As a horse owner, it is important to recognize the signs of laminitis and seek veterinary help immediately.

10 tips for Caring for Your Older Horse

10 Tips for Caring for the Older Horse

Because of advances in nutrition, management and health care, horses are living longer, more useful lives. It's not uncommon to find horses and ponies living well into their 20s and 30s. While genetics play a role in determining life span, you too, can have an impact.

MREquine unveils a major expansion

MREquine unveils a major expansion in their service capabilities by the addition of a third Mobile Veterinary MRI coach designed to serve the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. 

Preparation for hosting Low Cost Gelding Clinics

Dr. Bunting is interested in hosting some Low Cost Gelding Clinics in his area
and we were happy to share our system with him.

Mobile Veterinary Services

Bunting Veterinary Services offers a complete mobile on-farm service for wellness care, health and lameness evaluation, and emergency urgent care throughout central Oregon.  With over 12 years experience treating both horses and small animals, Dr. Bunting provides sound judgement and guidance in resolving your pet's health care needs.  

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